MAHADISCOM ASS. PROGRAMMER Exam 2013 Feedback By Followers

Feedback 1:
1-what is .net?
2-which is not a windows operating system,a-95,98,me,linux,xp.

Feedback 2:
Exam was awesome means basic question are their if u know the basic knowledge of java oops and .net so  you can easily crack the exam... Not much preparation are needed Bt yes those who want to give this exams plz prepare for d general apptitude not else......  Thank you... All d best

Feedback 3:
Questions: Professional Knowledge
1) Related to Polymorphism
2)Virtual keyword
3)TCP/IP full form
5)CTS full form in .NET
6)Tablespace,datafiles,segments,extents,blocks-------------correct order
7)password verification in Oracle 9i-----------I think answer is Password History
8)Field name in Oracle
9)Definition of Class
Not a single question was asked  related to outputs  of JAVA

Guys stick with your basics of all the subjects

Best of Luck for next year 2014 ASST. Programmer Exam.

Feedback 4:
  Thank  you very mush to provides the previous sample    questions paper.This year Professional Knowledge 50 Questions  out of 110 Marks.I remember that the distributions of questions following pattern.

1] 25 question form core java out of 50.
2] 10 questions form orcal out of 50.

3] 2 questions from .net out of 50.
4] 5 questions from n/w out of 50.

5] 5 questions from OS out of 50.
6] 3 questions from SQL Theory out of 50.

Feedback 5:
 The exam was easy .
1] Technical question  were all theoretical  means there was not a single question to find out error or to anticipate output
                       not a single query was asked as far as dbms was concerned.

          question                                                                 options which I remember among 5

     1)which among the following is not operating system     Norton,  Linux ,windows
    2).net  is-------                                                             framework  , language ,compiler
    3)how to declare a method in super class if its been
      overridden in derived class                                          virtual,super,abstract
    4)full form of tcp/ip
    5]arrange in increasing order                                         segment, datablock,table
    6]which network will be preferred for a building                lan,man,wan.  

 like these were the question really very easy.I don't remember all

2]logical reasoning and apti
    question on
    sitting arrangemnet
    set theory
    how many meaningful words can be formed from letters without repetition  'itse'
    problem on profit n loss (c.p. was given n we have to find out s.p. for 20% profit on lable price)
3] marathi
  find out correction in the sentences
  complete the sentences

Feedback 6:
This are some question which are remember
**Note : this are not exactly as they were in exam but upto some extent since i cannot remember each and every word.

1. field in programming referred to as
a)data element   b)attribute  c)variable

2.TV broadcast is ___
a)simplex b) duplex c)halfduplex  d)full duplex

3. device that broadcast data to all nodes in network
a)hub  b)switch  c)modem

4. device that modulates and demodulates signal
a)modem b)hub c)repeater c)switch

5. operating system that is open source and used for networking
a)linux b)unix c)windows xp

6. .net was developed by
a)Microsoft b)sun system

7. ____ in which method signatures is same in base class and sub class
a)overloading b)overriding

In apptitude most of the questions were from 1)puzzles(arrangement) 2)syllolism(logic) 3)simplification
Note: this topics can be prepared from R.S.Agarwal and no need to prepare all topics the above mentioned topics are more than sufficient

And about Marathi i don't know much since i missed those questions due to time limit

Feedback 7:
 They dont allow me for exam on exam day coz i dont have id proof.
so what should i do now???

Feedback 8:
thanks for update sir, maths & reasoning was little difficult with difficult problems on DI & venn diagrm. reasoning had 3-4 puzzles with each 5 subquestions, family relations, series completion,no figure images. professnl knowldg was moderate with not even a single program output question. oracle was of  DBA Level, .net was easy with 4 questions & many questions from networking

Feedback 9:
Exam was good. there were around 20 Marathi language questions and 40 GK questions containing arithmatic, reasoning, directions, venn diagrams questions.

50 questions on Java,SQL,Oracle,Software Engineering, .Net and networking.

Exam was conducted very perfectly.

Feedback 10:
DI & venn diagram was difficult in maths,,REASNG 5-6 puzzles each consisting of 5 subquestions appeared family relatns, symbol expressns all were asked . Professnl knowlg_ Oracle questions -DBA Level(3 questions), field, attribut, basic terminlogies in RDBMS,, Networking-hub, router, protocol, OS-basic questions to classify various types of os,, java  5 basic questions( multitasking, access specifiers), .net 4 questions

Coming soon more....
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