Magento 2: What's New in It?

In an article straight from the Magento blog, Magento have announced the Magento 2project is well and truly under way.
“eCommerce adoption and technologies are growing and so is Magento”, says Magento 2 post. Due for release mid/end 2012, Magento 2 is the result of the Magento team’s learning curve in the world of ecommerce application development since its inception back in 2001.
Early talks of the new system have suggested a whole new revamp of Magento was scheduled (solving issues like database complexity and performance), and with it came much excitement. Since then there hasn’t been a lot of information made available, leaving many Magento fans and developers wondering whether it was all hot air.
But, this latest article has well and truly laid that speculation to rest, and as the cherry on the cake, Magento have even provided us with some features (albeit vague) of what we can expect from Magento 2. Much in the way of improved functionality and performance has been promised. Some of the new features set to be included are:
  • Clearer processes and transparency
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Improved product security
  • Enhanced Modular architecture
  • Improved coverage of Web APIs
  • Simplified customisation processes
  • Improve Multi-language support
  • Improve education and product documentation
So there we have it – certainly some much appreciated improvements scheduled for the future, and if not that specific at present, all will no doubt become clearer as time and development moves on.
What is clear from Magento’s wish/feature list, is that the guys in charge have listened to the online community, both users and developers, as much as their own heads, which certainly stands us in good stead for the future.
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