Amazon Simple Email Service [SES] Using CLI

Amazon Simple Email Service [SES] Using CLI

Amazon SES is an easy and cost-effective email platform way for you to send and receive email using your own email addresses and domains.

Amazon SES is AWS cloud base email service built on reliable and scalable AWS infrastructure.

You only pay for what you used.

SES Use cases: Marketing emails, Transnational email, Notifications and newsletters emails etc.

Why use Amazon SES?

If you want to create your large email solution for business then it's very complex and costly and also you need to manage email server management. Amazon SES eliminates these challenges and provide you a easy cost effective solution for bulk email service.

Limitations of AWS SES:

SES service currently only available in AWS three below regions.

  1. EU (Ireland) (eu-west-1)
  2. US West (Oregon) (us-west-2)
  3. US East (N. Virginia) (us-east-1)

Emails can only be sent to or receive from verified email address and domain to reduced Spam attack emails.

In the sandbox environment:

To help prevent fraud and abuse, and to help protect your reputation as a sender, Amazon apply certain restrictions to new Amazon SES accounts.

You can only send mail to verified email addresses and domains in sandbox account only.

You can only send mail from verified email addresses to any other email addresses and domains in both case sandbox and production mode.

You can send 1 email per seconds only but you can request AWS support to increase send rate limit for short period, not forever.

Email send quota is 200 emails per 24 hours. You can request to increase this limit.

To request that your account be removed from the Amazon SES sandbox check this Amazon tutorial.

Amazon SES and other AWS services:

SES provides easy APIs and we can integrate it with other AWS services like S3, KMS, Work emails, SNS and Lambda.

We can defines receipt rules to control incoming emails and route them. SES can route emails to AWS S3 or forward it to AWS SNS even process it via AWS lambda.

How to configure AWS SES using AWS CLI:

Step 1: First of all we need verify email address.

>> aws ses verify-email-identity --email-address --region eu-west-1

Once execute this command you will receive a verification email and click on link provided in that email to verify.

In AWS console you can see email verification status 'verified' by navigating SES->Email address

Step 2: Now you need to verify receiver email id to receive emails.

>> aws ses verify-email-identity --email-address --region eu-west-1

Again follow same step to verify receiver email address and verified it.

Step 3: Check list of registered email addresses

>> aws ses list-identities

Step 4: Now try to send email from sender email id to receiver email id.

>> aws ses send-email --from your_email_address_1@gmail --to --subject "SES Test subject" --text "This is test description" --region eu-west-1

Note: Use supported region only if your default region is not supported SES.

Step 5: Check send quota

>> aws ses get-send-quota --region eu-west-1

"SendLAst24Hours":1, <- 199="" 1="" 24="" and="" b="" email="" hours="" means="" pending="" per="" sent="" that="">

Always follow strictly email marketing and anti-spam laws and regulations in the countries and regions you send email to. You're responsible for ensuring that the email you send complies with these laws. Otherwise Amazon can ban sending and receiving emails.

Happy Learning AWS Services!!!! :) Still Doubts? lets put your questions in below comment box! Thanks!

Video SES:

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