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Next you will learn how to create content (articles) on your site and link them to menu items.
Articles are contained within Categories and then Sections, or they are 'uncategorized'. To best understand this concept, think of a Section as a filing cabinet, a Category is a drawer within the filing cabinet and an article is a document in the drawer. Uncategorized articles are like documents outside of the filing cabinet. With this illustration in mind, you will probably want just one section and a couple of categories to start.
The Articles you create can either be designated to "show" on the front page (the page that shows when your site opens) or be linked to menu items (other pages of your site).
The next steps will help you create a section, a category, an article and finally a menu link. You will also learn how to have your article "show" on the front page.

  1. From the control panel in the administration site, click on the Section Manager icon.
  2. You will see that there is one section already there called 'news'. You might decide that one section is adequate to start or that you would like to create another one. If this one is sufficient skip to Categories below.
  3. To create a new Section. Click the New button. Type in a Title. Click the Save button.


  1. From the control panel in the administration site click on the Category Manager icon.
  2. You will see there is one category already there called Miscellaneous. You might decide this one category is adequate to start. If so skip to the next section called Articles.
  1. To create a new Category, click the New button. Type in a tile for the category. Click the save button.


Now you are ready to add articles (content).
  1. From the Control Panel in the administration site click on the Add New Article icon.
  1. Type in a Title for the Article.
  2. Choose a Section and Category for the Article to go in, or choose Uncategorized.
  3. At this point you will choose if you want your article to appear on the front or home page of your site, or if you want your viewers to click on a menu item to access the article. if you want this article to be on the front page of your site, Click "yes" on the "show on front page" option. If you want this article to be linked to a menu item under the Main Menu, click "no".
  4. Type the content of your article in the text box below the text editing tools. You may also copy/paste content into the text box but please be aware that when copy/pasting anything other than plain text - such as tables, lists or text with unusual fonts - from another application such as MS Word, you will most likely experience formatting issues. For this reason we recommend that you produce articles with lists or tables directly in the text box rather than copying them from other sources. Feel free to utilize the Text Editing Tools to enhance your content.
  1. If you would like to insert an image into your article, please see the directions in the section called Inserting Images.
  2. Click the save button when you have completed your article.

Menu Links

If you have created an article and not chosen to show it on the front page, you will need to create a menu link so that the article will be accessible on the front end of the site by clicking on a menu item.
  1. From the Control Panel and the row of menu options across the top, choose Menus < Main Menu (Supported, Managed and Custom sites may choose other menu options to link the article to).
  1. Click the New button.
  2. Click on the word, Articles then Article Layout

  1. Type in a title for your menu link. Make the title the same as the article name that you are linking it to.
  2. In the Parameters - Basic box, click on the Select button.
  3. Choose the article you want to link to from the selection.

  1. Click the Save button.

You have now created a Section, Category and Article with a link to a menu item. Go to the frontend of your site. Refresh the window and see your addition.

Editing Sections, Categories, Articles and Menu Items.

You may edit the names and/or content of Sections, Categories, Articles and Menu Items at any time by going to the administration site and clicking on the appropriate item.
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