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In addition to the primary content area on your site which displays articles, you have several module positions available to display information.
A module position is a designated space in which you can put content. Module positions are generally smaller spaces suitable for advertisements or announcements. The module positions on your site are labeled in the layout below: Hint: Keep a copy of this layout close at hand for future reference.

When there is no content in any one module position, the position collapses freeing space for main page content or other modules. To add module and position it:
Login to your administration site
From the control panel and the horizontal menu bar at the top, choose Extensions < Module Manager
  • Click the 'New' Button You will see that there are a number of module types you can choose from some of the module types are formatted for specific components like polls or Newsfeeds. Other modules perform specific functions. Mouse over each one for a description of the module type.
  • If you wish to create a custom module in which you can insert text, an image or html code, choose the module type, Custom HTML
  • Type in a name for the module
  • Choose yes or no to show the title of your module
  • Choose the position in which the module will display. Refer to the site layout above to see which positions are available and where they are located on your site.
  • In the text box below, type in the text or insert the image by clicking on the insert image icon at the bottom left of the text box. This will display all the images from those you have previously uploaded into the Stories folder of the media manager.
  • Click the 'Save' button on the top right.

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